CISS collaboration case in 'Digital Skills for SMEs'

The co-European partnership ‘Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs’ – working to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe and the thousands of unfilled ICT-related vacancies across all industry sectors – recently published the document ‘Digital Skills for SMEs: get inspired now!’.

The aim of the booklet is to serve as a source of inspiration for SMEs that want to embrace digitalisation and acquire new skills. For this purpose, it contains a collection of case stories illustrating how SMEs have been able to tarnsform their business with digital technologies as a result of gaining experience from a variety of development programmes and other forms of learning.

Among the 8 European success stories is a story of CISS’ collaboration with hydraulics company Techno-Matic, resutling in a new software/hardware platform as well as a prototype of a communications module for the company’s equipment. The company is currently taking steps to start exporting Techno-Matic’s new solution.

> Read the full case story here

> Download the ‘Digital Skills for SMEs’ booklet here