Is your company facing a specific problem in relation to your use of embedded software – e.g. in connection with an optimisation of the embedded software in your production systems or products – or do your developers need a competence boost?

Do you want to be in the lead and have access to the latest research within the field?

Do you have a need for new knowledge concerning a specific area within embedded software but do not quite know how to achieve it?

– Collaboration with CISS is the answer!

CISS continually participates in a wide range of collaboration projects with companies and research units. We see it as our first job to contribute to the creation of the embedded systems of the future – and to build bridges between research and industry, so that the systems and technology can be utilized in society around us. Our collaborators thus number many different types and sizes of companies – ranging from some of Europe’s leading car and airplane manufacturers to local manufacturing companies.

If you have an idea for a collaboration project, or if you or your company are facing a challenge that may be solved by use of embedded software, please feel free to contact us in order to hear more about the possibilities for collaboration. Call us at tel. +45 99 40 72 20 or write to us at – we are also happy to visit your company for a non-binding talk about your challenges and ideas.

Among the types of collaboration that we offer are:

EU projects and other international research and collaboration projects

CISS has close ties to companies and research units all over the world – and may thus be your point of entry into collaboration projects with international partners. We participate in a series of co-European projects in which partners from all over Europe collaborate on developing the latest technologies within a range of fields including smart grid, safety-critical systems for car, train and airplane traffic and IT security, and we collaborate closely with some of the foremost Chinese IT researchers through the Sino-Danish basic research center IDEA4CPS.


The InnoBooster programme is a funding programme under Innovation Fund Denmark.InnoBooster invests in knowledge based innovation projects initiated by small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and researchers. Through the InnoBooster programme, companies get the chance to collaborate with research institutions with the purpose of gaining access to knowledge for projects including the development of new product/new services or the improvement of processes that will enhance the competitiveness of the company. The projects vary in size from DKK 100.000 to DKK 5 mio.


Horizon 2020-NET projects

Horizon 2020-NET projects enable companies to participate in major co-European projects under the Horizon 2020 programme. Through participation in CISS’ activities under Horizon 2020-NET, companies will extend their professional network – national as well as international – and increase their knowledge on the terms and requirements of participating in Horizon 2020 projects.

National research and collaboration projects

Through CISS, you can get the opportunity to participate in larger, national projects with partners from all over Denmark. The projects range from basic research through research and development projects within specific industries or technologies (e.g. TotalFlex and DiCyPS) to strategic efforts. In addition, CISS is heading InfinIT, the Danish innovation network for IT.

InfinIT mini projects

In an InfinIT mini project (under the national innovation network for IT, InfinIT), at least two companies collaborate with a number of the research competences in InfinIT on a short collaboration project (app. 3 months) concerning a specific challenge or need that the companies are facing.

Industrial PhD projects

An Industrial PhD project enables you to employ a highly skilled researcher over the course of three years. The industrial PhD project constitutes a three-year industry-targeted research project taking place in collaboration between company, PhD student (for instance a current company employee wanting further education or a university student interested in initiating a PhD project in close collaboration with industry) and university. The PhD student will divide his/her time between the company and the university. The results will be available to the company during and after the project.