SummIT 2017: Smart Society

6 September 2017 in Copenhagen
  • Which technologies will characterize the smart society of the future – and how can you utilize these technologies in your company and products/services?
  • How can you develop products and services that not only utilize the numerous digital possibilties – and which are also wanted and used by clients and consumers in the smart cities and smart society of the future?
  • Which role will a future smart infrastructure within for instance energy supply, transport, logistics and optic-fiber internet connections play for your company and turnover?

Smart Society will bring forth new solutions to well-known and future challenges in terms of living, working and existing in society.

Join us at SummIT 2017 and get hands-on knowledge on the business opportunities and potentials within Smart Society, which is already playing an increasing role in our society.

SummIT 2017: Smart Society is organized by the Danish national innovation network for IT, InfinIT, that brings together companies and researchers within innovative utilization of IT.

SummIT 2017 takes place on 6 September in Copenhagen.