DONUT Distributed ONline monitoring of the Urban waTer cycle

DONUT is a three-year project that utilizes the current advances in smart energy-efficient sensors, IoT, big-data and ICT combined with the project partners’ comprehensive knowledge and experience to develop a unified cost-efficient grand solution spanning from measurement to information creation.

The water sectors’ challenges are the lack of information and knowledge about the water cycle. This information does not exist today and is increasingly requested for monitoring of both man-made and natural water systems.This project will develop and commercialize a unified solution, which will enable cost-efficient distributed monitoring of the hydrological and hydraulic states of the urban water cycle and provide data and knowledge about the system correlations. Also, this project will help the water sector to move into the big data era as it will develop and mature the basis of the forthcoming IoT and ICT infrastructures for blue, green and climate-adapted cities.