PVCC - Photo Voltage Comfort Cooling

Modern architecture and a high degree of low-energy buildings fulfill the users’ needs for daylight through extensive glass facades. This results in a large degree of solar heating which has a negative effect on the indoor climate.

The aim of the PVCC project is to develop a photo voltaic cooling system in which the electrical power from the solar power cells, through a heat pump, is transformed into comfort cooling in the existing ventilation system through a connected ice bank.

The surplus heat will be used for heating up utility water, and the controls of the system ensure, based on weather forecasts, that enough power is stored to ensure the ability to cool down the building in the morning.

About the project

With a combination of diverse forms of energy, heat pumps, solar cells and storage employing an intelligent control system the project will develop a solution capable of minimizing the expenses for comfort cooling in office buildings and other commercial buildings experiencing high-temperature issues due to solar heating. The system will be joined with the existing ventilation system in the building.