The aim of TotalFlex is to establish a flexible electricity grid that includes the entire food chain from production to end user – and which can give everyone involved financial and environmental benefits.This vision is to develop a cost-effective, market-based system that utilizes total flexibility in energy demand and production, taking balance and grid constraints into account.

This entails a.o.:

  • data collection on energy consumption and production
  • flexibility in electricity distribution, allowing the producer with the cheapest electricity to deliver power when it is needed
  • flexibility in electricity production, utilizing the increased production from e.g. wind and solar sources
  • flexibility in supply, providing the consumer with the least flexible power demand (e.g. a machine needing to run at a specific time) with power at a specific time, rather than a flexible consumer who can e.g. wait until nighttime to charge an electric vehicle – thus avoiding bottlenecks in the distribution grid at times of peak demand.

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