ARTIST Summer School in China 2011

The ArtistDesign European Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design will organize the 6th edition of a school on Embedded Systems Design at the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS), Beijing, August 8-12, 2011.

This year, the school is organized in collaboration with (in alphabetical order) :
ARTIST European Network of Excellence
Chinese Academy of Science
Danish-Chinese Basic Research Center (IDEA4CPS)
ECNU, Shanghai
ISCAS, Beijiing

It is open in priority to Chinese students. We believe that this will open opportunities for collaboration with Chinese research teams.

The school offers a full week consisting of in-depth tutorials on state-of-the-art techniques for the design and analysis of embedded systems given by leading experts.

We aim to provide a forum for young professors, lecturers, researchers, postgraduates (advanced master and PhD students) working in embedded systems as well as engineers from industry with practical background with the development of embedded systems.

Targeted Audience
The school is open for participation by any interested participants. However, some previous training and/or experience in fundamentals of computer science as well as knowledge of computer architecture is required. Participants will be selected according to their CVs submitted to the organization committee.

Programme and Lecturers
Top European lecturers from the ArtistDesign European Network of Excellence will provide a world-class programme.