Embedded systems

The products of the future come with more and better functionality. Reliability, performance and efficiency are enhanced and the products are smarter and more competitive. Many of these enhancements are brought to the products by improved embedded systems i.e. microcontrollers, in- or output devices or software.

Embedded software is often integrated into mechanical applications a so called cyber physical system. This may be a refrigerator, a device for measuring blood pressure, a car or a production robot all applications which are not in themselves computers. Developing embedded systems consists of two parts: Development and construction of the hardware (platforms) and development of the software to control the electronics.

Often, one part is developed first, whereupon the other part is adapted to this one, but at CISS, we work on making the two development processes run simultaneously. We work on providing knowledge and methods as foundation for smarter products with research based on projects with industrial companies and wide application.

The purpose of our research in this area is to develop software and hardware that perform optimally together, offering companies smaller production costs, reduced energy consumption and end products that are smaller in size. At CISS, we work towards developing methods of analysis that look at hardware and software development as a unified process and which are continuously capable of assessing whether the products function as intended.