Energy and smart grid

Energy and smartgrid systems are gaining attention in our society to facilitate both optimization of energy consumption and beneficial utilization of renewable energy sources indeed smart and yet a challenging task. For instance the electrical network is composed of a high number of tightly coupled and distributed nodes operating in real time. Since all the parts of this network have organically grown over decades, figuring out where intelligence needs to be added is very complex. Technology awareness and interoperability is the key in developing and operating the future energy systems.

CISS is working actively in a number of research projects to mature and apply both existing technology and leading edge research to the application domain of smart grid systems and energy optimization. At CISS we work with interoperability between components and protocols as well as scheduling and optimization of distributed production nodes.

While energy systems might seem far from embedded software systems, CISS’ research provides algorithms and answers to address the complexity of the future energy systems. Technology awareness at CISS is to actively seek application domains to apply our research in order to make a difference.