Safety- and security-critical systems

When talking about embedded software, both safety and security are important. ‘Safety’ concerns a system’s ability to function without causing harm to objects or persons and function with a sufficient level of reliability, while ‘security’ concerns a system’s ability to protect against e.g. hackers and leakage of of sensitive data.

At CISS, we perform research within both areas. Concerning safety – reliability – we work on locating faults and flaws – occurred or potential – and on setting up and testing models in order to document whether the systems live up to the requirements placed upon them. In addition, we work on ‘temporal validation’ – e.g. how long it takes from the moment when a system receives information till it reacts. The focus of our work within safetycritical systems is naturally placed upon predicting and thus preventing potential faults and upon developing systems that continue to work even if faults do occur.

Concerning security we work mainly in the phases of design, analysis and implementation and also to a limited degree deployment and operation. CISS’ security research is centered around IoT and in general devices connected to the internet. We work on creating a balance between a high level of security and accessibility for the users – so that the people working with the devices and programmes are still able to work with no obstructions, while the system keeps out unwelcome visitors. In addition, we work on developing backup operating systems that will make it easy to reinstall an operating system on e.g. a server in case of accidents, bringing the company in question back online and on full performance in no time.