IDEA4CPS 1st General Meeting

On March 19-21, 2012, the first General Meeting of the Sino-Danish Basic Research Center IDEA4CPS took place at Cassiopeia, Aalborg University, Denmark.


Monday March 19 – Room: 0.0.90


9.30-10.00      REGISTRATION

10.00-10.15     Opening and welcome by Kim G Larsen and Huibiao Zhu

Prof. Jifeng He: Linking the Discrete World with Continuous World, Part 1

Specification and Modeling Formalisms 1
Mikkel Koefoed Jakobsen, Jan Madsen and Michael R. Hansen: A Modelling Framework for Energy Harvesting Aware Wireless Sensor Networks

Line Juhl: Energy Games

12.30-13.30     Lunch

Validation and Analysis Techniques 1
Alexandre David, Kim G. Larsen: Statistical Model Checking in UPPAAL

Phan Anh Dung, Michael R. Hansen, Aske Brekling: On Tool Support for Duration Calculus on the basis of Presburger Arithmetic

Mini Cases / Protocols 1
Ender Yuksel: Cyber Security in Smart Energy

15.00-15.30    Coffee

Mini Cases / Protocols 2
Geguang Pu: Automobile Networking: An Overview

Ender Yuksel: From protocols to scenarios

Xenofon Fafoutis, Nicola Dragoni: Adaptive Media Access Control for Energy Harvesting – Wireless Sensor Networks

18.00             Guided Tour of Aalborg

19.30             Dinner Princess Juliana

Tuesday March 20 – Room: 0.2.12

Specification and Modeling Formalisms 2
Huibiao Zhu: Linking operational semantics and algebraic semantics for a probabilistic timed shared-variable language

Radu Mardare: Modular Markovian Process, Logics and Metrics (joint work with Luca Cardelli, Prakash Panangaden, Kim G Larsen)

10.15-10.45   Coffee

Compsitionality vs Global Characteristics
Roberto Vigo: Securing CPSs: from the attacker scenario to formal verification.

Louis-Marie Traonouez: A parametric counterexample approach for robust timed specifications

Cross-level Property Preservation
Yingke Chen: Learning Markov models for stationary system behaviors (joint with Hua Mao, Thomas D Nielsen, Manfred Jaeger, Kim G Larsen, Brian Nielsen)

Jian Zhang: Model-based Testing and Static Program Analysis

13.00-14.00      Lunch

14.00-17.30  – Room 0.2.15
Board Meeting

19.00                Dinner at Sohngaardsholm Castle (only for board members)

Wednesday March 21 – Room: 0.2.90

Prof. Jifeng He: Linking the Discrete World with Continuous World, Part 2

Tool Prototypes 1
Mads Christian Olesen, Andreas Dalsgaard: OPAAL and LTSMin

10.45-11.15      Coffee

Tool Prototypes 2
Peter Bulychev: Timed Games in Phyton (with Alexandre David, Kim G Larsen, Jean-Francois Raskin, Gilles Geeraerts)

Marius Mikucionis: UPPAAL-TRON: Model-Based Testing of Real-Time Systems (with Brian Nielsen, Kim G Larsen)

Zhang Zhangkui: Distributed Model Checking with MapReduce (with Keiji Heljanko)

12.45-13.45      Lunch

Specification and Modeling Formalisms 3
Jiri Srba: Beyond Modal Transition Systems

14.45-15.15      Coffee

Validation and Analysis Techniques 2
Alexandre David, Dehui Du, Marius Mikucionis, Kim G Larsen: Evaluation of Climate Controllers using UPPAAL SMC

Photos from Day 1

Photos from Day 2

Photos from Day 3