Partners - DaNES

The DaNES consortium was constituted by a number of highly qualified partners from research and industry. It is our hope that the varied lines of businesses represented will lead to a high degree of knowledge transfer, so that models, methods and techniques used within one line of business can be utilized in other lines of businesses as well and thus boost the entire Danish industry.

About the partners:

About CISS:

CISS is one of the leading European research centres within embedded software. The centre is based at Aalborg University and is accordingly anchored in a number of Denmark’s leading research environments.

The researchers at CISS possess a wide range of competences within electronics and IT, and the purpose of the centre is to facilitate collaborations between research and industry – for the benefit of research, business and society.


CISS is responsible for activities on:

  • development processes
  • testing and verification
  • self-diagnosis and self-repair
  • embedded and distributed control

Five of the PhD students working within the DaNES project worked within the CISS research environment on a daily basis. These are Shuhao Li, Mehdi Gholami, Lise Tordrup Hermansen, Petur Olsen and Thomas Bøgholm.

About IMM:

DTU Informatics carries out teaching and research within computer science and information processing, with a focus on application within engineering science. Relations to practical problems are essential.


IMM/DTU is responsible for the execution platforms activity.

The activities of IMM/DTU are focused on modelling, analysis and design of embedded systems, with particular emphasis on performance, power and reliability issues.

Three of the PhD students employed by DaNES worked within the DTU research environment on a daily basis. These are Anders Tranberg-Hansen, Michael Reiberg Boesen and Prabhat Kumar Saraswat.

About the Mads Clausen Institute:

The Mads Clausen Institute is part of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark. The institute deals with innovation on a technology, design and business level, and organises a range of international and Danish higher education programmes. With the combination of research and eduation, and a close co-operation with industry, the Mads Clausen Institute is an exciting work place and study environment.

The Mads Clausen Institute in DaNES:

The MCI Software Engineering Group is involved in research aimed at developing software design methods for distributed embedded systems, using design models (frameworks) and prefabricated executable components, which has so far resulted in the definition of the COMDES framework (versions I and II). The goal of MCI in the DaNES project is to develop an advanced industrial version of the framework – taking into account accumulated experience and feedback, as well as the supporting software engineering environment (toolchain), which will be ultimately validated in the industrial application provided by our partner PAJ Systemteknik.

Two of the PhD students employed by DaNES worked within the MCI group on a daily basis. These are Feng Zhou and Wei Guan.

About ICEpower:

ICEpower today is a fast growing, scientifically based innovation house specializing in audio power conversion solutions. Over 80 percent of our 50 employees are directly involved in R&D. Based on our innovative technologies, represented in our strong IPR portfolio, we develop dedicated solutions for driving consumer and professional speakers, automotive audio, mobile/portable devices and home theatre systems.

The core brand promise of ICEpower is to deliver the industry’s best audio performance, efficiency and power density in audio power conversion. After more than 13 years of scientific research, ICEpower has been able to achieve significant leaps in audio power conversion technology.

ICEpower in DaNES:

DaNES related research and development is primarily handled within ICEpower’s ICELAB where innovation and concept development is taking place. The task connected with DaNES are relative closely connected to the daily activities and so far the work has primarily been focused on preparing the case study platform (the ICEDSP) and developing tools and software components to support this within DaNES. This work has been undertaken by the R&D Engineers within ICEpower.

About Novo Nordisk:

Novo Nordisk is a healthcare company and a world leader in diabetes care. In addition, Novo Nordisk has a leading position within areas such as haemostasis management, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy.

Novo Nordisk manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and services that make a significant difference to patients, the medical profession and society.

With headquarters in Denmark, Novo Nordisk employs approximately 26,000 employees in 79 countries, and markets its products in 179 countries.

Novo Nordisk in DaNES:

The DaNES activities in Novo Nordisk are all related to the development of a new medical device. The software part of this project is managed by Michael Agerkvist Petersen, who also coordinates the DaNES activities.

About PAJ:

PAJ is an advanced technological company that works with the most modern technologies. PAJ is an OEM and single source supplier of mechatronics with user-configuration. The core concept is in sourcing of scientific research, research & development, manufacturing and service of mechatronics with user-configuration.


The DaNES activities within PAJ Systemteknik are overall managed by Poul Jessen, Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the DaNES Steering Committee. Ankur Mehta, R&D Manager at PAJ Systemteknik, manages the daily activities in regard to DaNES. PAJ Systemteknik has set up an announcement together with Professor Christo Angelov from MCI for a postdoctoral position in regard to the DaNES project, which will take over the management of the project in PAJ Systemteknik.

About SKOV:

SKOV is an international market leader in the field of climate control and production monitoring for animal agricultural production. We develop, produce and market systems and components for ventilation systems, livestock house air cleaning and production control.


The new platform being developed as part of the DaNES project, will eventyally be used as the central steering- and control unit in systems from 3 of SKOV’s central product categories.

About Terma:

Terma develops and markets high-tech solutions, systems, and products for civilian and military applications. Terma A/S headquarters are located in Lystrup near Århus, Denmark. The company is 100 per cent Danish owned. Terma’s high-tech solutions and products are developed and designed for use in extreme mission critical environments and situations, where human lives and valuable material assets are at stake.

Terma’s business areas cover:

  • Aerostructures for aircraft
  • Airborne Systems, including self-protection systems for aircraft, audio systems solutions, reconnaissance systems for fighter aircraft, and electronics manufacturing
  • Integrated Systems, including air traffic management systems, self-protection systems for ships, and command and control systems for navy, army, and air force applications
  • Radar surveillance systems
  • Solutions, services, and products for space applications

Terma in DaNES:

The DANES project is executed in the space division of Terma A/S. Project management and lead technical management is carried out by Mr. Gert Caspersen. Expert knowledge on the case used is handled by Mr. Steen Ulrik Palm and Jan S. Petersen, both experts in the development of mission critical software.

About Prevas:

Prevas is an innovative IT company with a strong corporate culture that gives its customers a world’s class competitive edge. Prevas has delivered profitable solutions for the future for over 20 years. At Prevas, we see the establishment of long-term relationships with customers and deep insight into our customers’ operations as the basic requirements to being able to create customer benefits.

Successful products and processes are based on early and innovative use of IT. Prevas’ strong corporate culture combined with our project methodology, quality assurance and delivery reliability have qualified us for many successful assignments from high-caliber companies.