Research - DaNES

For the embedded products of the future, the key to commercial success will be closely tied to the use of generic platforms consisting of hardware, software and communication components. These platforms need to be easily adapted to the needs and requirements of the special task they need to perform, no matter what kind of line of business the actual system is supposed to be used in, be it climate control, spacecraft, medical devices or something entirely different.

The demands on applications incorporating intelligent embedded software increase all the time, for instance in terms of increased functionality, mimimised energy consumption and heightened reliability. Consequently, there is a need for improving design processes and tool so that the development period and costs are minimised at the same time that the high quality and reliability of the finished products are ensured.

Therefore, the basis of the DaNES approach to the research we perform is to work towards developing a model-driven, component-based development process. For this purpose, we have set out five major research areas:

  • Development process
  • Test and Verification
  • Execution Platforms
  • Self-diagnosis and repair
  • Embedded and distributed control