Contributors - The Energy Aware House

The following parties contributed to our Energy Aware House exhibit with different technologies that can all help us save energy:

The Danish Centre for Energy Savings

We can save one third of our energy consumption without compromising on comfort. My Home is the free Internet-based platform, which operates as control centre for intelligent monitoring and management of your energy consumption. My Home gives you the opportunity to cut one third.

Z-Wave Alliance

The Z-Wave wireless technology standard simplifies energy management and home automation for consumers through visualization and control on your TV screen and remote control from smart phones and the web. Z-Wave is backed by more than 160 companies world-wide with a wide variety of energy-saving and home control products.


Develco Products provides intelligent communication systems for AMR, AMI and Smart Metering combined with Home Automation.


You can save energy by using Seluxit’s user-friendly plug and play solution that supports all leading home automation standards.

Servodan A/S

Servodan is the leading Danish manufacturer of lighting control equipment. Our products enable the reduction of the energy used on lighting – with increased comfort for people as an added bonus. Our latest product development – dynamic and broad-spectered daylight provided by 4-colour LED luminaires – makes it possible to bring “artificial” daylight into even the very darkest corners of a building. With obvious benefits to human well-being, mood and performance to follow.

Brunata a/s

Brunata is a cleantech company contributing to intelligent energy consumption. We have more than 90 years of experience in developing and producing meters and online metering systems.


Optimize energy consumption with the purpose of minimizing costs. Thanks to Indesit Company new environmentally friendly smart appliances that is in dialog with the smart grid

H. Jespersen & søn A/S

H. Jespersen & Søn perform tasks within energy optimization, process optimization and control of industrial process plants. This includes optimization, energy and comfort management in residential and office environments.

Green Energy Options

GEO have developed a range of energy monitoring displays and controllers for many different types of buildings; homes, schools, businesses and public buildings. The displays concentrate on the users of buildings, showing energy consumption information in an easy to understand and engaging manner.


Kamstrup is specialised in energy metering and offers a full range of solutions for cooling, heating, water and automatic meter management. Kamstrup provides metering expertise to utilities, contractors and property owners and help optimizing the efficiency and operational costs in energy production and consumption.

The Electronic Housekeeper

The Electronic Housekeeper is an environmentally conscious console that makes it easy to switch off all electronic equipment and appliances to save electricity.

Intelligent Buildings’ Interest Group

We have contributed to the project by bringing research and private companies together in a joint effort to develop a platform that can combine existing wireless standards.

Centre for Embedded Software Systems

CISS is a research centre focusing on embedded systems methodology. The energy game of the stand is controlled from optimal schedules generated by the powerful analysis tool UPPAAL CORA.

The Software Corridor

The project focuses on education, dissemination, distributed collaboration and industry collaboration. The technology on the stand represents results from ongoing projects among the partners.

The Alexandra Institute Ltd

The Alexandra Institute bridges the gap between the IT corporate sector, research and education. We are involved in various research and development projects on the cleantech area.

Centre for Software Innovation

CSI has knowledge and know-how within building automation via projects in home automation and office buildings. Using experience within industrial development and interaction, CSI is a key player in transforming ideas and knowledge into products together with industrial partners.