Why the Energy Aware House

Why The Energy Aware House?

The exhibition ‘The Energy Aware House’ represents a joint effort between a number of Danish companies (organized in the InfinIT interest group on ‘Intelligent Buildings’) and the Software Corridor project. The original ideas for the exhibition were produced November 2008, and the motivation behind the collaboration is a common interest of establishing an increased awareness of technologies for energy optimization in intelligent buildings: The companies  want to demonstrate the potential energy saving effects of their products and the research institutions want to indicate the added-value of their research results and also the resulting synergy of their (geographically distributed) collaboration.

The exhibition brings together a number of diverse competences like interaction design, graphical user interfaces,  business development, PLC programming, embedded software, HW/SW codesign, wireless communications, smart metering, project management, optimal control and model checking. Each of these competences is a necessary prerequisite for the development and application of future products for energy aware buildings.