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D8.1 ENCOURAGE Website report pdf d81(1.4 MB)
D8.2 Dissemination plan pdf D8.2.pdf (803.3 KB)encourage_d1_5_v1_0_publishable_summary Month 06
D2.3 ENCOURAGE platform reference architecture pdf D2.3.pdf (3.7 MB) Month 16
D5.1 Operating scenarios and requirements for generation and storage pdf D5.1.pdf (866.7 KB) Month 12
D8.3 Assessment and analysis of the market Month 12
D8.5 Standardisation and project liaison plansqosenabled_middleware_for_smart_grids D8.5.pdf (313.9 KB) Month 12
D1.4 Periodic Report Publishable Summary pdf D1.4.pdf (183.6 KB) Month 12
D3.1 Communication technologies and protocolspdf D3.1.pdf (1.3 MB) Month 15
D7.2 Target, cluster and requirement analysis D7.2.pdf (1.2 MB) Month 15
D4.1 Communication architecture for device interoperability pdf D4.1.pdf (1.1 MB) Month 18
D8.6 Standardisation and project liason plans pdf D8.6.pdf (341.5 KB) Month 24
D1.5 Periodic Report Publishable Summary pdf D1.5.pdf (137.6 KB) Month 24
D8.4 Assessment and analysis of the market pdf D8.4.pdf (1 MB) Month 25
D5.4 Energy management system pdf D5.4.pdf (1.3 MB) Month 30
D7.6 Test plan and integration requirements Month 36
D8.8 Standardisation and project liaison results Month 42

Dissemination materials:

Leaflet 2011

Poster 2011

Press releases:

12 October 2011:
ENCOURAGE project is introduced to the Portuguese audience by the National Public Television RTP

1 June 2012:
The EU project ENCOURAGE held its General Assembly in May 2012

20 October 2012:
ENCOURAGE architecture: support for heterogeneous smart grids

30 October 2012 – ECTP e-News in brief:
ENCOURAGE architecture: support for heterogeneous smart grids

25 July 2013:
EU project ENCOURAGE reaches an important milestone

November 2013:
The ENCOURAGE platorm was demonstrated with success at second project review:


“ARTEMIS-ENCOURAGE: A distributed platform for an efficient energy management in the residential and tertiary context.”, Green City Energy, 6 July 2012


“ARTEMIS-ENCOURAGE: A distributed platform for an efficient energy management in the residential and tertiary context.”, European Conference on Nanoelectronics and Embedded Systems for Electric Mobility eMotion in Smart Cities, eMotion in Smart Cities Day, 25th September 2012


The paper “Convergence to the European Energy Policy in European countries: Case studies and comparison”, was accepted for publication by the International Journal of Social Technologies, June 2014



“ENCOURAGE architecture: support for heterogeneous smart grids”, ENERGYCON 2012 (IEEE International Energy Conference and Exhibition) Industry Track, September 11 2012.


“Message Oriented Middleware with QoS Support for Smart Grids”, Portuguese Informatics Symposium, 7th September 2012


“QoS-enabled Middleware for Smart Grids”, Work-in-Progress session of the 38th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications, 7th September 2012.


“Paper para II Congreso de Generación Distribuida”, GENEDIS, 17-18 of April 2013.


“Exploring the possibility of promoting energy conservation behaviors in public buildings within the ENCOURAGE project”


“The ENCOURAGE ICT architecture for heterogeneous smart grids”, IEEE EuroCon 2013, Zagreb, Croatia, 1-4 July 2013